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April 2019

Current Topic - Battle Ready

One of many bible stories that I enjoy is found in Judges 11:1-11.  This is about a man named Jepthah.  His father's name is Gilead.  We don't know much about Jepthah's mother other than the fact that she was a harlot (prostitute).

Now Gildea's wife bore him son's whom when they got older, Kicked Jepthah out of the house telling him he was the son of a strange woman.  Must be a bad feeling when your brother(s) don't care that much for you.  We see this scenario played out several times in scripture.

Cain and Able - Genesis chapter 4 

Jacob and Esau - Genesis 27:41

Joseph and his brothers - Genesis chapter 37

David and his elder Brothers -1 Samuel 17:28 29

In Jepthah's case his brothers gave him the boot but when the enemy came a knocking on their doors they cried out , "hey Jepthah can you help a brother out!  Not only did they ask for his help but they wanted him to be their leader.  I'm happy to report that Jepthah helped his brothers out.

I was thinking this is what's going on right now.  People are asking "hey can you help us out!  What in the world is going on?! , looks like everything is sure gone crazy!

My Friends I'm sorry to say that what we are seeing unfold before our eyes is just the tip of the iceberg.  Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 24:21 - For then shall be great tribulation , such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time , nor ever shall be.

Folks when Jesus says things are going to get bad , we all need to take heed.  I believe things are going to get so bad , that the unbelievers are not going to be looking to the politicians for answers , but are going to be looking for those who have some knowledge about what's going on , on our planet.

This is why I'm challenging all of us to be Battle Ready.  To me this means getting into a right relationship with Jesus Christ , asking him for his Holy Spirit , start looking at God Almighty as your Holy Father and realize he is always there for you......Hebrews 13:5.   Then as you grow in Christ, God will strengthen you , and you'll be amazed yourself how the Good Lord can use you.  You don't have to have a TV ministry , or even be an ordained preacher to share the Good News.  If you seek God , he will make you Battle Ready , and be right there in the battle with you.

As we see things in this world deteriorating at a fast pace , as God strengthens us we are going to be helpful to those who have no hope , have no idea that Satan is waging war against mankind , have no idea that the Lord is soon to return.  This is where our battle readiness comes in hand.

I have been telling people about all the flooding that is happening throughout the world.  People don't take heed when I tell them there is something going on in our solar system (Planet X/Nibiru) , people are seeing this thing , and taking photos and videos.  Now with what I just mentioned , lets look at what Jesus said........

Luke 21:25-26 - And there shall be signs in the sun and the moon , and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations , with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.  Men's hearts failing them for fear , and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.   Wow!!

Just a friendly reminder , I heard a Gospel Preacher make this statement that a friend of his had once said to him , and it's something we are all aware of but it's also good to remind ourselves of this............. When you read the book of Revelation you realize........We Win! 

I originally was going to do some type of article concerning the last days.  However as I began my investigation I decided to change my thought from the last days to the last month.  The month of March was wild and crazy. There were floods , mudslides , avalanches , huge fires , and many other tragic situations.  Below I have listed some of these events.  They are not in any particular order , I just wrote them down as I came across them.  All from March 2019.

3/18/19 - Yanbu Saudi Arabia - Locusts cover the land

3/17/19 - United Arab Emirates - strange cloud called 'sky punch'

sky punch cloud

3/15/19 - glowing object over Siberia

3/18/19 - Pamplona Spain - 'Lenticular Cloud'

Lenticular cloud

3/18/19 - Texas chemical plant explosion

photo from

3/18/19 - Tropical storm Trevor made landfall in Australia (twice) strengthening beforehand , both times.

3/19 - Cyclone Idai destroys 90% of Mozambique , city of Beira.  On Sunday a dam burst cutting off the last road to 530,000 people.

3/16/19 - floods in Missouri , town of Corning was surrounded by flood waters.

Photo -

3/22/19 - more flooding in Missouri

3/17/19 - Waterloo Nebraska - Major Flooding

3/19 - Huge ice blocks in Souix Falls South Dakota

    photo -

In the Philippines - Olas Debasura , Haiti - Port of Prince , and Columbia , all three have major pollution issues in their oceans. Experts say that by 2050 the oceans will have more trash than fish.   Horrible!

3/25/19 - flash flooding in Iran , effecting more than 20 provinces.

3/19 - Texas had numerous hail storms

hail in Northern Texas 2019  ABC News

3/20/19 - South Florida - 'Toxic Toads"

3/26/19 - New Zealand - heavy storm

3/23/19 - Australia - Cyclone Veronica

3/19 - Minnesota - Bomb Cyclone

3/15/2019 - terror attack on 2 mosques in Christ Church, New Zealand , 50 Muslims were killed. New Zealand is known for being one of the safest countries in the world.

3/17/2019 - floods in Indonesia

3/19 - heavy rains flood grain silos in Iowa

3/19 - early estimates of lost crops and livestock reached one billion dollars , in just Nebraska.

3/18/19 - Mexico , the volcano "Popocatelpetl erupted , one of the strongest eruptions in years.  One week later a bigger explosion occured , along with a strange phenomena , a very bright light at the base of the mountain.  Also a few miles away another volcano exploded.......Mexico is on Fire!

Popocatepetl , please note the bright light at the base of the mountain

3/19 - uncommon sized animals , an over 15 meter long anaconda filmed in a Brazilian River.

3/19 - a plague of thousands of lobsters (that's right lobsters) invaded valleys of an Arabian desert.

3/21/19 - strange light falls in LA sky

3/19 - dozens of falcons and eagles invade the sky above the Kabba in Mecca.

Falcon      Eagle

3/19 - Brownwood Texas , a strange cloud formation had a very bright yellow glowing streak

3/19 - catastrophic tornadoes in several states including Lee County AL

3/19 - Afghan & Pakistan floods

3/19 - Colorado had many avalanches.  Copper Mountain avalanche was 100 yards wide and 15 feet deep.  4 drivers were buried in their cars , fortunately they were all unhurt.  There were 6 other avalanches reported that day.  A week earlier a skier was killed when he was buried in 3 feet of snow.

There are 4 areas in Colorado that have been rated as high danger for avalanches. This is the first time this has happened since forcasts began.  Officials have recorded over 2000 avalanches so far this year.  The worst in 50 years.  Has killed 19 people this winter.  Experts say these amounts are unheard of.

3/6/19 - Northern California , flood waters pushed 4 feet of hail into the basement of a man's home.  The creek turned into a river.  The storm brought on flash flooding.  A policeman described it as a "great deal all at once.  Our environment just couldn't handle it.

I'd like to leave you with some 'Nibiru/Planet X photos.