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What does God’s word say about women


Ladies, ladies, ladies, it is with great joy that I have this opportunity to share some of God’s word specifically concerning you. Some time ago, on the radio, I heard a young lady complaining and accusing God of not being fair to women, and being chauvinistic.

It was obvious that this young lady had not spent any time in the word of God. So let us take a look at some scriptures concerning women.


1 Peter 3:7 - Likewise ye husbands, dwell with them (women) according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.

The term “weaker vessel” has stirred up more than just a few of the ladies around town, who take it as being looked upon as weak, vulnerable, easy to be taken advantage of, of little importance etc. , etc.

I went to my favorite Bible the “Dake’s reference Bible” to search out what God’s word meant when it referred to the woman as the weaker vessel. It uses 5 words to describe weaker vessel……..more beautiful, delicate and frail. My personal opinion is that God is saying women are something unique. First of all he’s saying you’re beautiful! This is simply wonderful by itself. In addition to that, delicate and frail. It’s almost as if God were looking upon a beautiful child. It’s interesting, when I’m out shopping or running an errand, I frequently see a young couple or parent and they will have their child or children with them. And some of them are just absolutely adorable. One could easily say they are beautiful, delicate and frail.

 Fellas be kind and gentle to your woman…… rough housing , physically or verbally.

Genesis 2:20-22 - God gives Adam A help meet……..not a help mat.



Proverbs 31:10 - 31 - in this passage of scripture the word of God describes a “virtuous woman”. Meaning strong in all moral and mental qualities. Ruth is the only woman in the bible so-called ref. Dake’s Bible

I hope you take the time to read how God’s word describes this type of a woman. She is so rare and unique that God says she’s more valuable than a pile of rubies.


The following 31 Characteristics of a Virtuous Woman is taken from the Dakes Bible page 1108 (Proverbs 31)


1 Morally perfect (v 10 )

2 Invaluable (v 10)

3 Trustworthy ( v 10)

4 Inherently good and true (v 12)

5 Ingenious - proficient (v 13)

6 Thrifty - laborious (v 14)

7 Dutiful - considerate (v 15 )

8 Versatile - Judicious ( v 16)

9 Tireless - healthy ( v 17)

10 Joyful - efficient (v 18)

11 Watchful - cautious ( v 18)

12 Thrifty - skillful (v 19)

13 Charitable - benevolent ( v 20)

14 Generous - merciful ( v 20)

15 Fearless - provident ( v 21)

16 Clever at decorating - furnishing (v 22)

17 Refined in taste (v 22)

18 Respected - popular ( v 23

19 Industrious - prosperous ( v 24)

20 Dependable - honest (v 25)

21 Confident - hopeful ( v 25)

22 Wise - discreet ( v 26)

23 Kind - understanding (v 26)

24 Prudent - practical ( v 27)

25 Energetic - ever active ( v 27)

26 An ideal wife and mother ( v 28)

27 Honored by her family ( v 27 - 28)

28 Excels in virtue ( v 28)

29 God - fearing - humble ( v 30)

30 Deserving - successful ( v 31)

31 Honored by the public (v 31)


This woman is, using slang terminology, “bad to the bone”!, and I mean that in a positive way. When you read the chapter you see that not only does this woman do the cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, changing diapers, laundry, sewing, ironing, rising early in the morning to not only feed her family but her maids also (v 15), but she also is a entrepreneur (vs. 16 ,19, 24)

She is so well looked upon that she makes her husband look good - (v 23), and both he and her children love and adore her ( v 28)


Now I’d like to go through the Bible and focus in on some women and their relationship with the Almighty.


Genesis chapter 12:10-20 - When Abram (God later changes his name to Abraham) and his wife Sarai (God later changes her name to Sarah) traveled to Egypt, the princes of Pharaoh, after noticing how attractive Sarai was, decided to take her and bring her unto Pharaoh’s house. And Pharaoh, thinking Sarai was Abram’s sister, treated him kindly and gave him gifts of sheep, oxen, and asses, along with menservants and maidservants (v. 16)

However a fine gesture these gifts were, this situation did not sit well with the good Lord. He plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai Abram’s wife . Just a little reminder not to mess with a prophet’s woman!

Genesis chapter 20 - King Abimelech of Gerar gets a little visit from God, after he unknowingly, takes Abraham’s wife , Sarah, to be his own. Not only does God shake up the king in a dream, but he also closes the wombs of all the women in his household…… one was baring any children neither the king’s wife or their maidservants, because of Sarah.



Genesis chapter 26 - What another Abimelech? Yes that’s correct, this time it was King Abimelech of the Philistines. Apparently these Abimelech fellows were in the habit of just taking whatever was pleasing to the eye. However this king shows some good sense when he sees Isaac sporting with his wife Rebekah, whom he had said was his sister. The king sends for Isaac and asks why he would put them in such harms way, by saying she was his sister when actually she was his wife, for someone might have lain with Rebekah and God’s wrath would be upon them. Therefore the king made a proclamation that whosever touches Rebekah would be put to death.




Genesis chapter 29 -  Jacob works 14 years to get the woman he loves…..Rachel


Genesis chapter 29 - Jacob works 14 years to get the woman he loves…..Rachel


Exodus chapter 1:15- 21 - The King of Egypt commanded the Hebrew midwives to kill all the newborn male children. The midwives refused and were blessed by God. Quite remarkable because in those days not many people remained alive after disobeying the king.






Joshua chapter 2 and Chapter 6:15- 27 - The Harlot Rahab ( a prostitute) - gives glory and honor to the Lord, then hides two Israelite spies, and then goes on to save herself and anyone that was in her house, when the Israelites showed up to sack the city. Just goes to show you that even a prostitute can have the good sense to acknowledge that there is a God……..and it saved her life and that of her loved ones.

Judges chapters 4 and 5 - Jael was the wife of Heber from a tribe known as the Kenites (ref. Who’s who in the Bible pg.180) A nomadic tribe known for their abilities to work with metals. With one gruesome act this young lady rid the Israelites of a powerful enemy, by driving a tent peg through the temple of Sisera, the Canaanite’s army leader. He knew Jael and her husband and thought she would hide him from the Israelites. However, after she fed him some milk and curds and put him to sleep, she courageously fastened his head to the ground with the tent peg…….ouch!I

Samuel chapter 1 - Hannah was one of two wives belonging to Elkanah. His other wife, Peninnah, bare him children, but Hannah bare him no children, which was extremely bothersome to her. She took her sadness to the Lord. Hannah was a smart and determined woman of God, whose faith was unrelenting. This determination got God’s attention and he granted her request. Also be sure to read “Hannah’s prophetic prayer found in chapter 2.

 Also Hannah was one of 7 Miraculous Conceptions listed below: Ref. Dake’s bible pg. 501

1 Sarah ( Isaac, Gen.21:1-2; Heb.11:11-12)

2 Rebekah ( Jacob and Esau, Gen. 25:21-26 )

3 Rachel ( Joseph , Gen. 30:22)

4 Manoah’s wife ( Samson, Judg. 13:3-24)

5 Hannah (Samuel, 1:19-20)

6 Elizabeth (John the Baptist, Lk.1:24-58)

7 Mary ( Jesus Christ, Mt. 1:18-25; Lk. 1:31-35)


The Book of Esther - Her older cousin Mordecai hears of a plot to exterminate the entire Jewish population of the kingdom. He relays this message to Esther, and begs her to go to the king on behalf of her people. This was risky business going before the king unsummoned. However this young lady got all the Jews in the surrounding area along with all her handmaids, to fast for 3 days and 3 nights. With that said and done Esther prepared herself to go before the king, and said those famous words she is known for If I perish I perish.  

Esther puts her faith in God and goes before the king with a very clever scheme. Take some time and read the entire book of Esther and see how God raised up this young lady to save her people.

The Ministry of Jesus Christ - Throughout Jesus’ ministry there were always women present. They were there when he was preaching, teaching, healing, along with all his other miracles. They were there when he was on trial, crucified and buried. Jesus first appeared to a woman after his resurrection. Jesus had compassion and mercy on women who society had ostracized. Lets look at some of these women.

* Mary (Jesus’ mother) - some historians feel that Mary was probably about 14 - 15 years of age, when the angel Gabriel came to her and told her she was going to have a son.

And Mary said. Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the Angel departed from her. St. Luke 1:38

God obviously saw something special in Mary, and therefore chose her to be used as a vessel for coming into the world.

As a young lady she will be experiencing emotional peaks and valleys along with many fascinating things over the next several years and decades to come. It began with a threat of divorce from Joseph, which was blocked by an angelic assurance to him that her conception was of the Holy Spirit ( Mt. 1:20).  It included a long trip to Bethlehem, giving birth in a stable, using a feeding trough for her newborn’s bed, shepherds telling that angels had announced the birth of the Messiah, aged prophets in the temple exalting her month-old infant, wise men arriving from the distant East with wonderful gifts for her child, angelic warnings that King Herod the Great would try to slay the baby, a hurried escape into Egypt to await the death of the tyrant, and finally the return to Palestine and settling down in Nazareth. Mary had much to ponder . Lk.2:19 -Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart” (ref. Who’s Who In The Bible pg. 283)

As you read these stories one can see that although Mary is young she is a very perceptive young lady. Look at what she says in St. Luke 1:46-52 .......

And Mary Said, My soul doth Magnify the Lord, And my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour. For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaid, He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree.

(Mary acknowledges that she is nothing special) : for behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. For he that is mighty hath done to me great things; and holy in his name. And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation. He hath shewed strength with his arm; he hath scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.

* A Woman in the city comes to Jesus weeping then washes his feet with her tears and wipes them with her hair. She kisses his feet and anoints them with ointment she has in an alabaster box (made in Alabastron, Egypt). The bible just refers to this woman as a sinner, and of course she was looked down upon, and some even felt she shouldn’t have even be in their presence. However Jesus rebuked them and praised her for her acts of thoughtfulness and kindness and forgave her of her sins.

 St. Luke 7:36 - 50  A woman comes to Jesus and asks him to heal her demon possessed daughter. After her interesting dialogue with Jesus, he says to her “ O woman, great is thy faith; be it unto thee even as thou wilt” St. Mat. 15: 21-28 There are only 2 people in scripture spoken of as having great faith - Mt. 8:10-13 ; 15:28

* St. John chapter 4 - Jesus goes to Samaria and there meets a Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. It’s a wonderful story because once again we see the love, mercy and compassion of Jesus towards a female. He meets this woman at the well around noon time. Most people ordinarily would draw their water later in the afternoon or towards evening, when it is cooler. However this woman goes at noon time, most likely because she’s looked down upon in the community, so therefore she goes when no one else is around. (funny how Jesus just happens to show up………he knows just where you are my friend J )

It’s interesting because first of all the Jews had no dealings with the Samaritans. (and the woman even brings this up to Jesus v.9 ) . Secondly a Jewish Rabbi was not to converse with women in public, or instruct them in the law. No Rabbi could even converse with his wife, sister, or daughter in public. (ref. Dake’s bible pg.169) . And to top it off we find out this woman has had five husbands (v. 17-18 ).

Despite all of this young ladies faults and flaws listen to what she says (vs. 25-26)... And the woman saith unto him, I know that messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things. Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.

At this point the young lady leaves her water pot, runs into the city and brings the people back to see Jesus.

I urge you all to take time and read the entire chapter.(St. John chapter 4) It’s just another, wonderful bible story.

* Mary Magdalene - is a woman who is named in all 4 gospels. She was from the town of Magdala, a town located on the Sea of Galilee. She had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities. Seven demons had gone out of her. ( obviously demons can be seen because they were able to count these. Ref Dakes bible pg 116) She was part of a group of ladies who sustained (ministered unto him of their substance/fed and supplied them with their needs) St. Luke 8:1-3

After his resurrection, Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene . (John 20:13, 15-16) This has such significance in that it gives us all hope. Mary was a lady who had issues and problems just as we all do. Society, no doubt looked down on Mary, and most likely felt she was of little worth. It’s interesting that Jesus appeared to her and not his disciples, nor the chief priests, or the prominent people of that day, but to this young woman. Mary simply loved the Lord.

I have a question for you…… you love the Lord?

Some like to say that Mary was prostitute. Another account says she possibly was a woman of means and the friend of a woman of high social status.(ref. Who’s who in the bible pg. 287)

The story of Jesus’ death is a tragedy. He was betrayed, forsaken, or denied by all but one of his male followers. It was only his beloved disciple (St. John 19: 26-27) and the women - including Mary Magdalene - who stayed with Jesus to the bitter end.

* St. John chapter 8 - the scribes and Pharisees (2 popular religious groups of that day, who were not big fans of Jesus) brought to Jesus a woman caught in the act of adultery.

They reminded Jesus that under the law commanded by Moses, anyone found in violation should be stoned to death.

I recall the first time I heard this story, and wondered “ where is the man? ”

This group of religious leaders were always trying to trip Jesus up any way they possibly could. Here they are ready to have open season on this woman, and Jesus says those famous words “ he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” St. John 8:7 Those of you who know the story, know that all of her accusers, who were fully armed with stones, eventually dropped the stones and walked away.

This is one those scriptures that I carry around with me all the time, and when I get ready to fling a stone at someone, I can hear the good Lord saying “Leon, if you have never done anything wrong, just go ahead and whip that stone.”

* In 2 Kings chapter 4 there are two remarkable stories involving two completely different women. Both have issues to deal with and both of them have an encounter with the same prophet of God.

The husband of the first woman has died and left some unpaid bills. The creditors threaten to take the woman’s two sons if she can’t come up with the cash. She cried out to the prophet of God, Elisha, and he instructs her to gather as many empty containers as she possibly can. Then, God, using only the last little container of oil she has, miraculously fills all the empty containers she has gathered. The prophet tells her to sell the oil, pay off the debt , and then she and her sons are to live off the rest.

In this same chapter the prophet Elisha encounters a Shunamite woman, whom the bible describes as a great woman. (rich, mighty, noble).

She took note of Elisha and perceived that he was a man of God. She then took it upon herself to put an addition on to her house, and supplied it with a table, bed and candle, so that when the man of God was in town, he would have a place to stay.

In return for her kindness the man of God asked what could be done for her, and the prophet’s servant tells him that she has no child, and her husband is old.

Elisha gives a prophecy to the woman that she would give birth to a son.

At the appointed time she did indeed bare a son.

One day, when the child was grown, he suffered from a severe headache and eventually died. His mother, this Shunamite woman, saddled and ass, went and found the man of God. He came back to her house, prayed unto God, and laid upon the child. The child’s body waxed warm, Elisha then got up walked back and forth in the house, then once again stretched himself upon the child. The child sneezed seven times and then opened it’s eyes. He called for the boy’s mother, and said “take up thy son”. She fell at his feet, bowed herself to the ground, then picked up her son and went out.

These two stories are just an example of the many beautiful stories in the bible. And also note that God blesses both the rich and the poor.

WidowsThe Following is a word from the good Lord concerning widows ......

Exodus 22:24  Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry. And my wrath shall wax hot, and I will kill you with the sword; and your wives shall be widows, and your children fatherless.

As you read and study the word of God, you can clearly see that God has a specific role, purpose, love and compassion for females. Some of the old time preachers would note that God could have made Eve from any part of Adam’s body, but he took one of Adams ribs, showing that she was equal, taken from the middle/or the side , representing standing side by side) Not from the top, nor from the bottom, so the woman is not over you, nor is she beneath you, but you’re both equal………Hallelujah!

Come to think of it most of us got saved because we had a praying momma, sister, wife, girlfriend, nana or grandmamma J

God bless you all Ladies……..and remember God loves you…….do you love him?